Selfcollective started as a thesis project developed by Isabella Delgado at IE University Madrid. She got in touch with us to develop the visual identity of her project and as well to help her produce the brand's designs that will be launched shortly when the brand is live.

The brand's unique tweak is that they make their designs based specifically in a personality of the
16personalities study, every shirt, hoodie is crafted taking into consideration each special aspect of the personality trait. Every collection is made under this paradigm.

The logo was designed using Micro Grotesk, a contemporary sans serif designed Eli Heuer , a typeface that follows the simplicity of the current trends in the fashion industry and that contrasts with the custom made "graffiti" lettering, that reflects personality, the uniqueness, the customization of the designs based on the client's personality, it reflects expression. The grayscaled identity serves as a container for all the personalities that will be holded visually inside this communication.

Apfel Grotesk is the brand's secondary typeface, a round and airy neo grotesque designed by collletttivo type foundry.

Sr. Designer & Art Director: Camila Curiel
Designer: Ariana Irady

Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

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